Links & Files

Here, you will find a variety of links that I found useful in planning hiking trips, and small, downloadable checklists, and “quicklists”, that helped in making sure we got all of our gear checked off, and did not miss specific views and water locations along the Wonderland.


Links For Planning:






Other Resources: Gear, Product Knowledge Base, Etc…

  • US … A good resource for fitting and buying backpacks, as well as buying!
  • …Another good resource for all your backpacking gear, info, and pretty much all things related to backpacking!
  •…Sure, the name makes it look as if its all about Treadmills, but I was told about this site from another backpacker for not only reviews on said Treadmills, but a good resource for fitness and hiking tips and links.
  • Leave no trace…A link brought to me by another reader, shout out to the Girl Scouts! Some helpful advice on Leave no Trace guidelines ,and how to keep a clean camp…






  • Gear Checklist. I have found this useful in planning a variety of hikes, and you can customize it as you see fit. It’s in PDF format…