Alpine Pasta

This meal, as described on the website is for 4 people. Will need to cut the recipe in half for 2, natch…

2 4.4 ounce Knorr Butter & Herb pasta packets
4 oz. pepper-coated salami, diced (or, our favorite, a quarter stick of Summer Sausage!)
2 oz. sun dried tomatoes
6 green onions, chopped
5 oz. Gruyere cheese, grated (whatever the heck that is…Mozzarella works well, too!)

At Home: Put tomatoes into a zip lock plastic bag. Store pasta and other ingredients in separate bag.
On the trail: Boil 1 cup of water and pour it over tomatoes. In separate pot, cook pasta according to package instructions. While pasta simmers, chop softened tomatoes, or not. If you chop them up first, while they’re dry, it’s easier, methinks…)
After pasta cooks for 8 minutes, add all ingredients and stir until noodles are done, or soft…Time will vary, per different packs of noodles, as we’ve found out, so cook to your preference…
Makes 4 servings. Remember, for two guys, cut portions in half!

Additional note: Freezing the perishable items at home first, then wrapping in foil to help insulate, will help avoid spoilage, and when you arrive at camp, find a snow bank to use as a reefer till it’s time to cook!

Website: is, the place we gleaned this menu from, and made slight changes to…

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