Backcountry Parmesan pasta and Summer Sausage

Serves 2
1 Knorr Pasta Sides Parmesan flavor, 4.3oz
½ roll, of Hickory Farms Summer Sausage, or like brand, small roll.
1/6 cup powdered milk
½ tablespoon butter
Small can mushrooms
2 tablespoons Garlic Salt, (prefer the Californian style)
Dash of Sweet Basil
3 or 4oz olive oil

At Home:
Add the 1/6 cup of powdered milk to a zip-lock sandwich baggie, and with felt marker, put “4oz water” on the outside, so in the field, you’ll know how much water to add for ½ cup milk.
Slice off a ½ tablespoon chunk of butter, freeze it, and then wrap in a square of tinfoil. This should keep if buried in the middle of your bag at least a day on hot trips, longer if the days are cooler.
Use a small screw top container for the oil, there are good plastic ones for sale at REI or other outdoor retailers.
Don’t forget a can opener for the mushrooms!

In Camp:
Pour the olive oil into small fryingpan, add mushrooms, garlic salt, basil, and cubed summer sausage and let simmer until golden brown, then set aside. Add 4oz water to your baggie with the powdered milk, and mix. Now, in a 1.5 or 2 liter cookpot, bring to boil 1 ½ cups of water, add the now ½ cup milk, the butter, and add noodles. Directions say this should take only 7 minutes, but I’ve found that 10 to 12 minutes on a Jetboil stove is ideal. Once the noodles are just about done, add the meat and mushrooms, stir in, and let set for about a minute. Serves two.
Still hungry, or need a bigger meal? How about this.
1 pckg of Idahoan Instant mashed potatoes and roasted garlic, 4 oz package. Boil 2 cups water, pour in a double lined 1 gal. Zip lock freezer bag, knead with your hands, (might need gloves, it gets hot!) then, let set for a couple minutes. Next, pull out the inside liner with the spuds, cut off a corner, and squeeze out your portion like a frosting bag, works well, no mess, no fuss!!!
Even better! If it’s in season, and you know your wild mushrooms, you can replace the canned button mushrooms with fresh, wild, savory mushrooms, like Chantrelle, King Boletus, Hedgehogs, etc…

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