Cascade Fajitas

Ingredients: serves 2
2- Avocadoes
2- small tomatoes (we used tomatoes a little bigger than a golf ball)
3 or 4 miniature bell peppers (you choose the colors, we like the red, yellow and orange!)
1- small onion (about the size of a baseball. If you’re lucky, find a Walla Walla Sweet this size)
1 – 7 ounce Chunk Chicken Breast, in a foil pack
3 or 4ozs Olive oil
1 pack of 8 Fajita flours
2 slabs of cheddar cheese – We cut off two 1 inch slabs of cheddar from a Tillamook baby loaf.
1 pack Guacamole mix (I like the Lowry’s brand for flavor)
16 packs of Taco Bell sauces, or salsa, you pick your fave flavor. (Got these from the local Taco Bell, 2 for each fajita, I liked the Fire Sauce with a Salsa, mmm, mmm, gooooood!)
½ jar of Salsa, (again, Tostitos brand tastes great, and you choose the level of hot!)
Large zip lock freezer bag with your favorite Dip chips (this works best if you use a bear canister, for it helps keep the chips from getting crushed. Zip bag closed with a little air in it, and the aired up bag helps act as a shock absorber! We did this, and got Tortilla chips into the backcountry without them being all, well…Chips!)
2 Tablespoons Garlic salt, coarse ground with parsley flakes (California style, to some…)
Dash of Johnnies seasoning salt (Really, you’ve got to take a small amount of this with you everywhere!)
Dash of Sweet Basil flakes

At Home: Put the Olive oil into a small plastic container with a screw top lid, we purchased ours at REI, which has a nice selection for your kitchen needs. Then, put it in a Ziploc baggie, in case the cap comes unscrewed during the hike, and liberally oils everything you own…
We used an appropriately sized Rubbermaid container to put the avocadoes into, along with the small tomatoes, to keep them from being crushed, and you can then use the container to mix up the Guacamole later. The onion and peppers can ride by themselves in a Ziploc baggie; they don’t seem to bruise as easily.
Pour the salsa into a quart sized Freezer Ziploc, and then stick into the freezer. Take it out right before you go, this will help to keep the salsa fresh. Also, we wrapped the cheddar in foil, and froze it as well… We brought a cheap-O Deluxe cheese grater for the cheese…Don’t forget your stuff in the freezer!!!

At Camp: Dice the onion, peppers, and tomato and set them aside. Now, cut up the Avocado and mash it up with a fork in the container you brought for the veggies, and mix in the guacamole packet…If you didn’t bring a container, use a large freezer Ziploc baggie…If you’re lucky, and are near snow, we put this in a large Ziploc baggie that had snow in it, to keep it cool and fresh while the rest of the dinner was prepped and cooked. Grate the cheese, and set it in a Ziploc in the snow, as well.
Cook the diced chicken, onions, and peppers in the pan with the olive oil, season for taste with the garlic salt, Johnnies, and a dash of sweet basil, until the chicken is browned, or you simply cannot wait any longer.
Now, dish it all together onto a fajita flour, sprinkle on some fresh tomatoes, a dollop of guacamole, a couple sauce packets, (you did remember to open these first, didn’t you?) And Presto! Awesome backcountry fajitas, served with chips and salsa! And the mess isn’t too bad to clean up later…

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